Gentleness and Greatness

What Christian has not responded with all his heart to the exquisite statement of David, "Thy gentleness hath made me great"? What a vista of God's loving-kindness and tenderness do these words unfold! They immediately open the thought to that which is harmonious and peaceful, beautiful and adorable; and they awaken deep desire to know more of the mighty God who can at the same time include such gentleness. Added to all this, there is presented the vision of the greatness which the reflection of this gentleness supplies.

To a tired world, worn with the friction of its own mistaken concepts, this divine gentleness comes with such a loving, soothing message that men cannot choose but listen and begin to look up with rejoicing. Their hearts are comforted even before they understand how or why; for such simple and profound words as these of the Psalmist always carry with them God's law of salvation.

Among the Churches
December 3, 1927

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