Spiritual Ascendancy

On page 19 of the Message to The Mother Church for 1901, Mrs. Eddy definitely states the means by which Christ Jesus was enabled to do the works which have been commonly described as miracles. "Let us remember," she writes, "that the great Metaphysician healed the sick, raised the dead, and commanded even the winds and waves, which obeyed him through spiritual ascendency alone." Spiritual ascendancy, then, was the means whereby Jesus overcame the so-called laws of nature and proved the entity and perfection of God's kingdom of perfect ideas.

In her teachings Mrs. Eddy has gone much farther than to point out the means and methods of Jesus' transcendental demonstration: she has shown her students how they, too, may gain in some degree at least the same ability to overcome the claims of materiality, the so-called forces and laws of nature; and the way is through the dominion which accompanies spiritual ascendancy. A fundamental fact which Christian Scientists learn in the beginning of their study is that God is both omnipotent and omnipresent: that He is the only power and the only presence. This fact alone laid hold of, grasped, and made one's own, would give one power over every claim arising from belief in another power and another reality than God and spiritual creation. But it seems that this paramount truth is rarely grasped in its full significance, and in consequence mortals struggle to overcome the various types of material beliefs which so constantly present themselves. "Here a little, and there a little," characterizes the process whereby spiritual truth is laid hold of; and yet, as spiritual truth gains the ascendancy in thought, definite progress is made in the destruction of false belief.

"Followers of God"
December 3, 1927

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