Church Work

The building of Christian Science churches is one form of outward expression of the gratitude of Christian Science students for the demonstrable knowledge of God's unfailing goodness which they have gained through the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy. In their beautiful simplicity these churches and their services represent the thanksgiving of those whose hearts overflow with gratitude for the healing, protecting, regenerating touch of divine Love which they have experienced. Naturally, one who has received much desires to share that which has been given to him; and Christian Science students, by maintaining a constantly increasing number of churches, are enabling others to learn more about the living God, and to be blessed as they themselves have been.

One who gives expression to gratitude has opened his thought to perceive and acquire still greater blessings. Therefore the student who participates in church work finds that he receives in return more than he gives, growing himself as he helps the church to grow, and learning valuable lessons for himself in character building, the coordinating of activity, the adjusting of relationships, and in dedicating thought to God.

Avoiding Faultfinding
December 3, 1927

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