Six years ago I had a nervous breakdown as a result...

Six years ago I had a nervous breakdown as a result of worry, overwork, and the effects of an unhappy disposition. My condition was diagnosed as melancholia, but the worst symptom in the case was never mentioned to anyone, namely, a suicidal desire. This tendency was aggravated by the belief that it was inherited. Because of weakness from a nervous heart, insomnia, and constant intense depression, life seemed unendurable.

After months of indescribable anguish, due to the conditions mentioned, our physician said kindly that he could do nothing more for me, and that he saw no possible way for me to regain health expect to have my worries alleviated. This verdict was destressing to my husband and me, since business conditions, the cause of my greatest concern, were very bad; and as subsequent events proved, would require a long period of reconstruction. Following the last consultation with the doctor came a few days of hopeless despair, and great fear lest I should yield to that horrible temptation. And then one day, almost as though in obedience to a sudden command, came the determination to try Christian Science! Never shall I forget the calm words of sweet assurance that answered my telephone call for help from a practitioner. For the first time in many despondent months there seemed a tiny ray of hope for me. The next day I went to see this friend, and during that first visit was healed of all desire to end my human existence. None but those similarly afflicted can know the heavenly relief experienced when the weight of that great fear was lifted. Although the return to perfect health and happiness covered a period of two months, there was never a moment when I would have turned aside for any other pathway in life.

In the years that have so happily followed my healing, we have tested this philosophy of life over and over again in our family with beneficial results. Our financial condition, which became acute shortly after my recovery, was the first problem to be solved with the ever increasing understanding of God as divine Principle, which awaits the patient, earnest student of Christian Science. When we had learned to be obedient, to turn trustingly and constantly to our Father as the true source of all supply, to take our human footsteps by surrendering material desires and seeking joyfully the kingdom of God, our needs were supplied. In gratitude for the restoration of a sadly shattered home to one of harmony, the members of my household are slowly, but surely, inquiring into the truths of this wonderful religion.

Testimony of Healing
As a sign of my gratitude for blessings received, I testify...
November 26, 1927

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