God's Sufficient Grace and Care

The grace of God is something men are not given overmuch to considering. All too seldom do they stop to contemplate its comprehensive and satisfying nature. Too frequently they go on in their merely human way unmindful of God and of the need of His supporting grace, often even thinking little of Him until some wilderness experience presents itself; then they commence to wonder if there is a way out, and if they may find it and walk in it.

Who in the midst of a material wilderness, however vast or entangled, would be disturbed or fearful if he were sure he knew the way out of it? He would realize that he need only tread the path indicated as the way of egress in order to be free from all the bewildering density surrounding him. Just so mortals who find themselves in the perplexing labyrinths of human belief will lose their fear in proportion as they see that there is a way out of all the darkness and confusion which beset material so-called existence. When Paul tells us that God said to him, "My grace is sufficient for thee," he points the sure pathway out of every difficulty.

Effectual Prayer
November 26, 1927

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