Following the Leader

When the writer was a child she, with others, used to play a game called "Follow the leader," which may offer a helpful illustration to the student of Christian Science. The leader in this game stood out before the others and went through certain motions which all must perform or else be "counted out." If he ran or walked, the others needs must do likewise, stepping exactly where he stepped—failing which, they were out of the game for the time being.

Many hundred of years ago, when mankind was sinking deeper and deeper into the mire and quicksands of materialism, there came one, Christ Jesus, who was to be a leader to all men of all nations, of all generations, and who was to present an exact, demonstrable knowledge of God, Love—a knowledge that all can understand and prove real and true; and he may be said to have left a clear trail blazed through the jungle of mortal, material sense. As the years sped by, the rank grass and entangling vines of self-love, greed, lust, jealousy, hate, hypocrisy, love of aggressive domination, cruelty, and fear, covered the trail from the sight of men, and they ceased to travel that path, though some of them searched long for the waymarks Jesus had left along the trail he had broken, the trial of complete mortal self-denial.

November 26, 1927

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