Recently there has appeared in several newspapers...


Recently there has appeared in several newspapers, even in a recent issue of your esteemed paper, a review of Docent E. Briem's book entitled, "Modern Religion Substitutes," which includes a chapter on Christian Science. Unacquainted with the subject of Christian Science themselves, the reviewers have in nearly every instance accepted and presented Docent Briem's views and opinions as correct. In view of the fact that, after thorough investigation of its religious tenets, Christian Science has been declared to be a Christian religion and is recognized as such by the state, it is undoubtedly entitled to classification with other Christian religions. Christian Scientists do not attack and malign other persons or their religion. The correction of misapprehensions of their own religion is not for the purpose of controversy or argument, but only an attempt to remove any false impression which may possibly have been made on the reading public regarding Christian Science. Christian Science is sensible, sound, and logical. There is no superficial optimism about it, no heartless indifference to the sufferings of sinful, sick humanity. Not the slightest taint of superstition, mysticism, hypnotism, or any other form of suggestion can be found in its teachings. It is the opposite of spiritualism and theosophy.

The merciless attack on Christian Science, its works and its Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, in the above-named book is only another proof of the propensity of the so-called human mind to persecute reformers, which persecution only tends to obstruct spiritual progress. The attack is only a repetition of the same old erroneous utterances which have been refuted times without number. Christian Scientists are, however, not disturbed nor dismayed by these periodical recurrences. The Founder of the Christian religion, Jesus the Christ, the great Teacher of Christianity, said: "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away."

November 26, 1927

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