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I wish to give the following testimony concerning the...

I wish to give the following testimony concerning the beautiful experiences we have had in Christian Science. While playing, our younger daughter, when seven years old, fell from a wall six feet high on to some stone steps. She was unconscious for several days, suffering from concussion of the brain. Then she recovered surprisingly quickly; but two years later, as a supposed result of the accident, she suffered from a nervous disorder of an epileptic nature, accompanied by such a feeling of fear and distress that for nights at a time it was impossible to get her to go to bed. None of the physicians we consulted were able to relieve her, and the only comfort they could give us was that she might possibly get better when she grew up.

A dear relative called our attention to Christian Science; so we tried it, and I sent both of my children to the Christian Science Sunday School. The first time the child went she told me she was no longer afraid, and she could be happy again. Then we asked for treatment; and although the difficulty still appeared occasionally, we were obliged to acknowledge that it did not possess such power as before treatment was given; and to-day we can say that it has been completely overcome.

In 1924 we received a message from our daughter, who was in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, that she was suffering from a bad arm, and that the principal of the institute was going to take her to a physician, but that she wished to have Christian Science treatment. I then asked a Christian Science practitioner for treatment, which was at once lovingly given. The next morning my husband went to see what had been the matter with our child, and found she had been suffering from blood poisoning in an advanced stage as the result of an insect bite. She had been suffering such pain in her wrist that she could not move it, and she felt very ill. Our daughter stated that half an hour after she had sent the telephone message she felt no more pain. She slept peacefully all night, and when the bandage was removed next morning there was only a very small mark to be seen. Those who had witnessed the case were surprised at the quick healing.

Testimony of Healing
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November 13, 1926

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