"Be it song, sermon, or Science"

One of the beautiful things about Christian Science is that the Christian Scientist needs no formulas. Every good thought comes from God, who is infinite good; and man reflects that infinitude of good. Therefore no good thought can be limited by applying it to any one particular problem. It is just as absurd to think that a certain statement must be used to heal a certain disease or sin as it would be to think that one particular ray of sun ripens the apple, but another may not. How wise Mrs. Eddy was when she compiled our Church Manual! And Article VIII, Section 9, in regard to the forbidding of formulas, requires as much study and use as do the other Rules and By-laws. Those who gladly accept each right thought which Christian Science supplies, and know that it will heal some wrong thought, progress rapidly.

Our manna falls daily by means of all the activities of our Cause, and we have but to gather it and use it.

"Be of good cheer"
November 13, 1926

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