The Albertan recently published a report of the work of...


The Albertan recently published a report of the work of healing carried on for a short time by a mission in a local church. In this article a clergyman is reported to have said that "if the church had fulfilled its whole mission there would never have been a Christian Science movement." If the Christian church had fulfilled its whole mission, spiritual healing as well as preaching would have continued during all the centuries since the time of Jesus. Christian healing has now been restored by the life-work of Mary Baker Eddy; and this healing work is being carried on by the Christian Science movement which she founded. It is through the work of Christian Science that the Christian church is being quickened to strive to fulfill its whole mission. Christian Scientists rejoice to see other churches awakening to the Christian duty of healing by spiritual means, and at least making a start in this direction. Christian Science maintains the standard set by Christ Jesus. It employs spiritual means alone in healing, and does not mingle faith in drugs with prayer. It is this reliance on spiritual means that accounts for the success of the healing work in Christian Science.

November 13, 1926

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