Christian Science was first brought into my home when I...

Christian Science was first brought into my home when I was a child through the healing of an uncle of blindness. Since that time it has been my only help. I have been healed of appendicitis, blood poisoning, acute indigestion, and abscesses in my ears.

I attended the Christian Science Sunday School and was able to make some of my own demonstrations; but after leaving Sunday school, although I attended church and had treatment when I needed it, I did not take the same interest in Christian Science till I was married and separated from my own people. Then the time came for severe tests of my faith. A lump appeared on my neck. I would have treatment for a while, and then stop and try to work for myself, till finally the lump became very disfiguring and painful. Then I decided to have treatment steadily, and I worked harder to get a better understanding of the truth. This went on for nine months. At times the trouble almost disappeared; and then one morning I awakened to find it worse than it had ever been, and my eyes were affected too.

The practitioner came to my home and encouraged me, and we continued till the difficulty was entirely overcome. It took two years to accomplish this. During this time I had severe attacks of gallstones; but my baby girl was born in a very harmonious way even while I was in this condition. She is as perfect a child as one could have. I have had three children born without the aid of a doctor; one was called, in accordance with law, but he was never present in time.

Testimony of Healing
An article I read in a Sentinel awakened me to the fact...
November 13, 1926

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