Christian Science came into my life after material aid had...

Christian Science came into my life after material aid had failed me. The church to which I belonged failed to bring me any comfort when one of our loved ones passed on very suddenly. I knew not which way to go, but was divinely led to visit an old friend in a distant city. Realizing my need for help, she told me of Christian Science; and I asked her to take me to practitioner. I was so much impressed by the help I received that I immediately began the study of the Bible Lessons, as given in the Christian Science Quarterly. Since that time we have had many healings in our home with the aid of loving practitioners, but I desire to mention two which stand out in my memory. The first, when I was just beginning the study of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, was the harmony experienced when my third child was born.

The other was the healing of another member of our family, who manifested all the symptoms of pleurisy. A practitioner was called and help lovingly given. In a very short time all fever and pain disappeared, but the boy did not regain his strength. At this time a Christian Science nurse was placed in charge of the child. For several weeks he was confined to his bed, most of the time due to abscesses in the lungs, which broke and reformed.

One evening, as his father was quietly reading, a knock announced the town marshall, who inquired about the child and volunteered the information that he had been sent to inquire into the report that a sick child was being denied medical attention. He was informed that the boy was receiving Christian Science treatment, and was invited to see him. In order to allay the neighborhood comment, a doctor was called in to make an examination. He strongly advised draining the lung, which, he said, was pushing the heart out of place. He held out little hope of benefit, however, on account of the apparently low vitality of the boy. Christian Science work was continued, and in a short time the accumulation in the lungs cleared away, and the boy was up and about the house. In a very short time he was playing golf. The following autumn the boy reentered school, and, in order to take part in school athletics, was examined by this same physician, who said, "There is no reason for you not to expect to do any of the things any of the other boys do." He gave the boy a written statement to that effect. Prior to entering school the boy's uncle, a physician, examined him and pronounced him sound.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to give the following testimony concerning the...
November 13, 1926

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