Daily Work

Christ Jesus always reflected God in whatever he had to do. As Christian Scientists, we all earnestly desire to express God's will, to "gain a little each day in the right direction," as Mrs. Eddy says on page 21 of our textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." We wish to be daily about our Father's business, even in the ordinary routine of housekeeping, or in the work of earning a livelihood. The more we study the Biblical accounts of Jesus' words and acts, in the light of the spiritual understanding which the study of Christian Science gives, the clearer we see how to follow his example in our own lives.

It will be remembered that after his resurrection, Jesus appeared to the disciples at the sea of Tiberias. They had been fishing all night, but had caught nothing. When Jesus told them to "cast the net on the right side," they did so; and their obedience was richly rewarded. As they neared the shore, they saw that Jesus had a fire kindled, and fish cooking thereon. He had lovingly prepared, and he as lovingly served breakfast for them after their long night of work. A simple thing to do; yet most remarkable, when it is recalled that only a short time before he had made the wonderful demonstration of raising himself from the grave, and that his ascension was soon to follow. His act was one of sweet humility, and is as precious an example for us to-day as it was for his disciples then. He who had proved the nothingness of the "last enemy" did not think it too menial a task. Would not we have been apt to accept the suggestion that our time could be better spent in some other way?

Humility versus Aggression
November 13, 1926

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