Your correspondent in a recent issue makes many bitter...

Yorkshire Observer

Your correspondent in a recent issue makes many bitter castigatory statements about the revered and beloved Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy. As many of his conclusions are based on what occurred as long ago as the year 1862, it is hardly likely that he makes the charges from personal knowledge, which unqualified accustions of that kind surely demand. One can only infer that he has looked to quite unreliable or antagonistic sources for his information, which, to say the least, is regrettable. As long ago as in the year 1883 a writ of injunction was obtained in the United States Circuit Court in Boston, restraining by decree and order of the Court the unlawful publishing and use of a pamphlet alleging statements similar to those your correspondent makes. In that action no evidence was presented to support the claim that Quimby was the author of Mrs. Eddy's writings, and the counsel for the defense in the case stated, "There is no evidence to present." In her book, "The Life of Mary Baker Eddy," referring to this incident, Sibyl Wilbur says: "Having secured it [the injunction], no one could again with propriety publicly or privately dispute her authoritative claim as discoverer of the science she was establishing." This life of Mary Baker Eddy was written by an impartial author, whose only desire was to record the true facts, which she did with unstinted and unbiased effort. And the perusal of that book will give to any honest reader a history of a noble life that will refute any personal charges leveled at Mrs. Eddy, who is now almost universally respected, and is beloved by all those who, through her wonderful teachings and unselfish life, not only have been restored to health, but have received great spiritual enlightenment. "By their fruits ye shall know them." The statement that she was not "self-abnegatory," but "egotistical," is not borne out by her repeated instruction in her writings that she should be followed only in so far as she herself followed Christ. She certainly was "ambitious"—that is, for God; but no other desire appeared to influence her life, as is confirmed by all who knew her.

Mrs. Eddy was elected "Pastor Emeritus" of the Christian Science church for all time; and so she will remain to all true Christian Scientists. God has revealed Himself through the ages to many individuals whose lives were prepared to receive such revelation; and "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" is the product of divine manifestation to Mrs. Eddy. The Word of God in the Bible forms the larger part of the truth voiced in the Christian Science services; and the above-mentioned textbook of Christian Science is read in conjunction with it. But in addition to this, there is a Board of Lectureship, sending out lecturers on Christian Science all over the world to tell their message; and the public have free access to and are welcome at these public lectures. Children are taught in Sunday schools as with other denominations; and testimony meetings are held throughout the world on Wednesday evenings, where testimonies of Christian Science healing are given. Besides these provisions, there are published weekly and monthly periodicals containing articles on Christian Science from individuals; and all the branch churches and societies are entirely democratic and self-governed, each by its own members—thus providing ample opportunity for individual expression, especially when the command of Jesus to "heal the sick" and "cast out devils" is acknowledged, as it is in Christian Science, to be the duty of all true followers of the Christ.

Christian Science certainly does not "play fast and loose with Holy Writ." The first tenet of the Christian Science church is, "As adherents of Truth, we take the inspired Word of the Bible as our sufficient guide to eternal Life" (Science and Health, p. 497). Mrs. Eddy does not claim for Christian Science anything that is not based upon the revealed truth in the Bible and the word and works of Christ Jesus. It therefore accepts the divine fact of one infinite God, Spirit, the all-loving and eternal good Mind, and of man as made in God's image and likeness.

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