Will you allow me space to correct what seems to be a...

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Will you allow me space to correct what seems to be a very strange misapprehension as to the meaning of the term "Christian Science"? In your issue of recent date, a clergyman is reported as speaking very earnestly in support of the Christian faith; but one is astonished by his question, "Shall we go to theosophy, Christian Science, and the rest of them?" A very short time devoted to a perusal of even a few pages of the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, would convince any one who values Christianity that he was not being led away from Christianity in those pages, and a very little desire for a more practical understanding of the truth of Christianity would lead the reader to discover that he had indeed found there the key to the infinite treasures of Christianity. In the Christian churches all over the world are many earnest seekers, who yet are unsatisfied with their slight knowledge of God, and with their outlook upon the world; and these one by one are coming to the teachings of Christian Science, and are finding the truth which will make them free. But they are not leaving Christianity or the Bible; they are learning the true meaning of both, and are finding the sacred promises of healing and redemption as true to-day, and as practical, as in the time of the prophets, of Jesus, and of the apostles. In the textbook mentioned above, Mrs. Eddy writes on page 343: "Anciently those apostles who were Jesus' students, as well as Paul who was not one of his students, healed the sick and reformed the sinner by their religion. Hence the mistake which allows words, rather than works, to follow such examples! Whoever is the first meekly and conscientiously to press along the line of gospel-healing, is often accounted a heretic."

Sunset and Dawn
January 17, 1925

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