The Lectures

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA (First Church).—Introducing John W. Doorly, a Christian Science lecturer, to his audience, Miss Geraldine Rede said in part:—

Would any one in this hall reject the statement that the goal of all human endeavor is joy? Mankind may call it by many names, seek it in various and devious ways, but it is joy that men desire and yearn for. Like the tender plant struggling up through the dark earth towards the light, so human thought is struggling and straining up through the mists of failure, drudgery, pain, and sin, reaching out for and grasping at joy. In Christian Science is found the divine Principle and law of man's being, the eternal fact of man's unity with infinite God, good, declaring that man has never been separated from his joy, that it is an integral part of his being, and that he can prove it,—prove it wherever he is, no matter what the condition or situation. The law of God, good, is always ready to give man joy and happiness if he will only turn to it and use it.

Lecture Notices
January 17, 1925

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