Scientific Judgment

PERHAPS no teaching of Christ Jesus is more often disobeyed than the injunction, "Judge not, that ye be not judged." Judgment of others has come to be an almost universal custom among mortals; yet such opinions are rarely righteous, because based upon erroneous premises and made in other than the spirit of brotherly love. Not only do men thus take upon themselves the responsibility of judging others, but they judge unjustly in so far as their opinions are based upon insufficient knowledge of the person or circumstances judged. Furthermore, such opinions often assume the character of criticism, so that judgment becomes a synonym for faultfinding—adverse criticism—all too frequently.

In this, as in other human relations, Christian Science recognizes the difficulty and points the way to righteous action. Christian Science makes clear that only as we judge as we would be judged are we living in obedience to the Golden Rule. Would we have our neighbor express his opinion of our motives and acts hastily, with half-knowledge or even less, and solely from external appearances? If not, where are we justified in similarly judging another? "Judge not, that ye be not judged" both carries an admonition to withhold judgment and hints the penalty in case of disobedience; that is, to be judged likewise ourselves. And surely we may not expect judgment more righteous than we are willing to mete to another.

Truth Antidotes Error
January 17, 1925

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