In an issue of recent date, a writer for one of your columns,...

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In an issue of recent date, a writer for one of your columns, after extracting some amusement from purported attempts to apply what he terms Pollyanna psychology to actual conditions, apparently confuses Christian Science with such practices by quoting from pages 401 and 402 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, as follows: "Until the advancing age admits the efficacy and supremacy of Mind, it is better for Christian Scientists to leave surgery and the adjustment of broken bones and dislocations to the fingers of a surgeon, while the mental healer confines himself chiefly to mental reconstruction and to the prevention of inflammation. Christian Science is always the most skilful surgeon, but surgery is the branch of its healing which will be last acknowledged. However, it is but just to say that the author has already in her possession well-authenticated records of the cure, by herself and her students through mental surgery alone, of broken bones, dislocated joints, and spinal vertebrae." Immediately following the foregoing quotation, the critic closes with the sentence: "There, now, let's try to be sensible and not carry this psychopollyanalogy too far."

Mrs. Eddy's statement above quoted is entirely clear and needs no elucidation, except to say that the testimonies, given in Christian Science churches at the Wednesday evening meetings and appearing in the Christian Science periodicals, of broken bones and dislocated joints healed through Christian Science treatment alone, will convince any honest investigator that Christian Science is still "the most skilful surgeon." However, it is important that the confusion created as to any connection between Christian Science and the various forms of mental suggestion be cleared up. Christian Science is just the opposite, not only of human psychology, but of hypnotism, mesmerism, and all forms of suggestion; and the failure to distinguish between them unfits one to present this subject to those looking for correct information. The critic's inference that the young lady's practice to "think health" falls under the classification of Christian Science is an obsolete criticism. Manifestly to "think health," presumably for the sole purpose of keeping physically well, implies that saint and sinner may employ this method with equally satisfactory results, whereas Christian Science makes it clear that the healing of all discord, whether physical or mental, is incidental to obedience to God's law, which law demands obedience to the Ten Commandments and adherence to the spirit of the Beatitudes. It was this spiritual law which Christ Jesus employed with such preeminent success in healing all manner of disease.

January 17, 1925

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