Truth Antidotes Error

THERE is only one way of destroying a lie, and it is to know the truth about that of which the lie is told. Everybody is acquainted with the method. Early in life the little child begins to know it; for is not one of the first efforts of education to train him to distinguish between the false and the true, and to destroy the former by the latter? And in after years, when beset by the problems of human existence, is he not called upon more than ever to exercise this same ability? Every day makes demands upon him to distinguish between the true and the false; and many times it is his duty to expose and destroy the lie by his understanding of the truth.

Human existence seems to be a state in which truth and error are continually striving for the mastery. Christian Science has laid bare the whole situation, it is true, by showing that in reality God or Truth is All-in-all,—infinite,—and that error is only a supposition, or illusion. But to mortal sense error seems real; and because of this, the seeming warfare goes on; and it will go on until every erroneous belief is destroyed.

Changing Our Standpoint
January 17, 1925

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