The Presence of Mind

Recently a young friend was telling of an incident he had witnessed in which an automobile had narrowly escaped knocking a schoolboy over. In relating the experience my friend said, "He [the schoolboy] had the presence of mind to do what was best to prevent an accident." Here was an acknowledgment which indicated the influence of a mental quality that operated to guard and protect this child, a quality few would claim was product of any ordinary educational system, but which was surely the result of a more inspirational system, effective to establish the knowledge of what could spiritually protect from danger.

The expression used shows that mortals employ terms that point to spiritual facts, even though the use of such terms may not be so intended, and may even indicate a perversion of the true idea. The truth is there is the presence of Mind which does operate to protect and guard men; and it is no other than the presence of God. Through Christian Science, we understand that God is divine Mind; and from His very nature, it is absolutely essential that the presence of Mind should be always manifested.

March 8, 1924

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