Christian Science does not treat lightly the troubles of...

Hardin County Citizen

Christian Science does not treat lightly the troubles of mankind, sickness of body or of business, but applies to the relief of these ills the laws of religion as taught by Jesus, the Master. Merely saying that a man "just thinks he is sick" is no help to the sick man or his sick business. The thoughtful Christian can easily perceive that the practice of the Golden Rule would bring honest, willing service from the employed, and willing, honest pay from the employer. The knowledge of each that all others mean well by him and consider his interests one with theirs would lift the general fear and mistrust which always paralyze business. With complete honesty and trust and unselfish labor from all, is it not evident that all would soon be able to pay their bills?

This practical use of Christianity—doing unto others as we would wish them to do unto us—is the message that Christian Science is bringing to the world. And the knowledge that God is now among men, showing them how to do right and how to love one another, is enabling many men and women to pay their bills. It is plain that as one is healthier, happier, kindlier, more willing to work diligently and unselfishly himself, and to be just to others, his own business and his business connections cannot help improving. None of us can afford to misinterpret or underrate the religious teachings of any body of Christian citizens. Christian Science is daily proving itself a help in all the crying needs of men. An unprejudiced reading of the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, will show "love for God and man is the true incentive" (p. 454) in all the teachings of Christian Science.

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