Availability of Spiritual Law

The belief that there is life and intelligence in matter and that all material phenomena are controlled by material law is the fallacy from which springs every problem confronting the human race. Sickness arises from the belief; sin is the result of the belief; sorrow, suffering, lack,—not a single human woe but has its origin in the belief that matter is real and that its so-called laws dominate mortals. Every prophet has known the fact more or less clearly. Out of the knowledge of it sprang the Ten Commandments. The Decalogue, as it was written by the hand of Moses on the mount, was given to the world to help mankind to meet and defeat the claims of so-called material law acting through material sense, and thereby to save mankind.

But not until the coming of Christ Jesus was the world shown the altogether unreal nature of matter and its supposed laws. He, the most spiritually endowed of all men who have trod this earth, knew better than any other that matter is unreal, and that its laws are likewise unreal. This was evidenced in every miracle of healing he wrought among the people, and on every occasion when he showed his dominion over the phenomena of nature. The healing of blindness through his understanding of spiritual law proved that there is no reality in the seeming laws of matter, which were supposed to have caused loss of sight. The healing of palsy proved that neither matter nor its laws are real, since activity and strength were restored to the withered limbs through the same understanding. The calming of the storm at sea proved that both the troubled water and the laws which were supposed to govern the upheaval are alike unreal. Each and every one of the wonders wrought by the Master pointed to the same fact,—namely, that so-called matter and material law have no real existence.

How did the Nazarene Prophet know that matter and material law are unreal? Because he knew so well that God and God's law alone are real. That was the truth, which, when realized, gave him power over all discord. Mrs. Eddy, referring to this same power, says in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 328): "Understanding spiritual law and knowing that there is no material law, Jesus said: 'These signs shall follow them drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them. They shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.'" It was Jesus' knowledge of spiritual law, then, that enabled him to annul any false belief in material law which he encountered during his great mission.

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March 8, 1924

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