When I was about four years old, I began to suffer...

When I was about four years old, I began to suffer from enlarged tonsils, which I seemed to inherit from my mother. Later, there was a manifestation of adenoids. When I was five years old, my parents took up the study of Christian Science. There were no more material remedies used in our home; and many wonderful healings were performed. Christian Science has been the only remedy in our family for thirteen years; and it has met our every need.

However, the enlarged tonsils and the adenoids were very slow to yield. I received treatment from Christian Science practitioners, and my mother tried to help me; I also tried to apply my small understanding to the problem, but without definite results. One Sunday evening while attending church, I became absorbingly interested in the Lesson-Sermon from the Christian Science Quarterly. I listened so intently that I forgot everything else; and I had a very clear realization of the truth. Then there came a slight choking sensation in my throat, and my eyes began to water; and I realized that the adenoids and the enlarged tonsils were disappearing. In a very short time I was entirely free. This occurred more than a year ago, and I have been free ever since. I am able to breathe freely; my voice has become clearer; and my ability to enunciate has been much improved. This is only one of the many healings which I have received. I was carried safely through two attacks of influenza by this means, and there were no disastrous after effects.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express my deep gratitude to our Father-Mother...
January 26, 1924

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