With the hope that my testimony of what Christian Science...

With the hope that my testimony of what Christian Science has done for me and mine may be helpful to some one, I gladly bear grateful witness to its power to heal sin, sorrow, and disease. For more than thirty years I was a minister of a so-called orthodox denomination. During the last few years of that time I doubted the alleged truth of its theology. After a period of serious thinking relative to God, man, and the universe, I was convinced of its utterly illogical and fallacious claims, but had nothing better to take its place. To find the truth which would satisfy the reason and meet the needs of a hungry heart, I began a search among the creeds of Christendom and the ethnic religions of the world. This resulted in further dissatisfaction and the conclusion that if there were a God, He must be responsible for all the sin, sickness, and suffering in the world, and therefore could not be good. After this I gave up the search and settled down into cynical pessimism. I believed every creed, every religion, idolatrous. Their gods appeared to be simply the objectifications of fallible and sinful human thought. In this there was no hope.

All this time I was suffering from several physical ailments. I had curvature of the spine, the result of an accident in my boyhood, and it gave me much constant pain. For this the physicians held out no hope of a cure, and the condition was growing worse. Hay fever in an extreme form had regularly seized me every summer for more than twenty-five years; and for this the specialists knew of no help. Besides these ailments I had chronic appendicitis, rheumatism, partial deafness, and dimness of vision. For none of these diseases could I find healing or permanent relief, although I tried nearly every remedy which came to my attention. I was growing worse all the time, and at last was a broken-down nervous wreck, without hope. I often expressed the desire to die and end it all.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science proved to me that "the darkest hour...
January 26, 1924

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