It is sixteen years since I commenced to reap the blessings...

It is sixteen years since I commenced to reap the blessings that come with the study of Christian Science; and the greatest blessing of all has been the understanding I have gained of God and of man's relation to Him. Through the study of the Bible and the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, I am learning, little by little, to see man as the likeness of God; and as I learn to see man reflecting wisdom, kindness, honesty, gentleness, purity, charity, and goodness, I am learning not to see evil as real.

I have found the tenth and eleventh verses of the ninety-first psalm a great comfort, and many times have gained peace by studying them. On one occasion the Board of Health said there was a contagious disease in our home; and at that time, when fear for other members of the household was great, these verses were surely a message of Love to us.

Christian Science is teaching me to be more grateful to God for all the good I am enjoying, and not to take these blessings as a matter of course, since I owe every joy and comfort to our heavenly Father. I have been able many times to prove that Christian Science treatment does heal the sick. Our son, then a lad of about eleven years, while playing on an old engine, had his finger caught and the end almost severed. When he reached home, I placed the end in its proper place, and put on a bandage. I then called a practitioner and asked for treatment. In the morning, when it seemed wise to remove the bandage and wash the finger, the end was in place and only a little split in the skin showed. This healed very quickly, and he did not even lose the nail.

Testimony of Healing
When I was about four years old, I began to suffer...
January 26, 1924

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