Humility, the Crowning Gift

Humility, rightly understood is a crowning grace, the essence of true Christlikeness. It is never the result of ignorance, but is the fruit of heaven-born understanding. Humility is not a wayside beggar, but is of princely mien. Obedient to naught but Truth, it does not abase itself, but stands simply and quietly in its own place, asking or acknowledging no advancement but that which comes through the unfolding of love to all mankind. Nor can it bow to pride, because it knows it not.

Humility knows no fear; for, pretending nothing, it has nothing to conceal. It smiles at aggression and clamor, for it has no material gift that human power knows how to take away. It covets not, nor envies; for it knows no value in any gift that human power can bestow. It does not seek a lower place, for it has no false props to discard. It cannot seek a higher, for it is enthroned in the heart of God. It is patient as the rock beaten by a million waves. It is gentle as the dawning of light. It is the reward of learning to understand and reflect Love.

September 15, 1923

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