When Christian Science was first brought to my notice,...

When Christian Science was first brought to my notice, fifteen years ago, I had practically resigned myself to a life of invalidism. For many years I had been a sufferer; and I was considered a very delicate woman. I had undergone two serious operations and several minor ones, hoping that in this way I should obtain relief and be cured of severe internal disorders. For a long time I had been a victim of rheumatism in a most painful and distressing form. All was done that material means could devise, but without permanent relief. Another great trial was insomnia. For years I had not slept without taking a sedative. I was indeed in a wretched, hopeless state, both mentally and physically, and had come to the end of my faith in material means and materia medica generally; for I was no better, after years of experiment with their treatment.

When the glorious truth of Christian Science was presented to me, it all sounded so good and reasonable. I immediately obtained a copy of the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, and began the earnest study of that book. I shall always remember with gratitude those first days after I began to read. A most wonderful peace came over me, and I realized God's presence and power as I had never expected to do in this earthly experience. Here was a clear answer to my doubts and fears. The Bible, with all its wonderful promises, was illumined, and became possible of present demonstration. My whole outlook on life was transformed. I was indeed "born again"! In those first days, with only a glimpse of light, I was completely and permanently healed. I have been a strong, healthy woman ever since; and I know that I shall receive of God's beneficence in proportion as I allow His law to operate in me, and as I express more of the Mind of Christ.

During the war, when both our sons were in active service, I found such comfort and assurance of their safety; for had not our Leader's teachings provided an anchor, and helped me to see that nothing can "separate us from the love of God"? On many occasions they were able to prove God to be a "God at hand," and to realize protection in times of danger. It is a matter for much rejoicing that we all, as a family, are united in our reliance on the truth as taught in Christian Science, for we have found a religion that satisfies and meets our every need.

Testimony of Healing
Most of my younger life was spent in seeking material...
September 15, 1923

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