Christian Science was brought to me by one who had...

Christian Science was brought to me by one who had himself demonstrated the unreality of tuberculosis in its advanced stages, and who made a trip from Jersey City to Albany to bring this great truth to me.

At that time my business, that of court, legislative, and general shorthand reporting, seemed permanently terminated by so-called writer's cramp, which had not yielded to all the medical, surgical, and other material remedies, and was pronounced by physicians to be incurable. Although I had known of my friend's healing, and in spite of his numerous letters and the sending of Christian Science literature to me, I had ignored the possibility of Christian Science helping me; but before he had talked half an hour, I knew that he was giving me not only what would heal me, but that for which I had until then been unsuccessfully searching. That visit, and the loving and very patient assistance of practitioners and, later, my teacher, have resulted not only in the healing of that which seemed to terminate my business and means of livelihood, but in many other healings for my family and myself. Among these I may mention the practically instantaneous healing of a bone in my foot, broken when an automobile passed over it; the seeming necessity for eyeglasses, worn since boyhood as a result of ulcers on the eyeball; exceedingly sensitive and painful teeth; influenza; acute indigestion; an illness pronounced by the state health authorities to be diphtheria; uric acid poisoning (pronounced fatal); a tendon in the ankle wrenched loose and displaced in a football game; the use of profane and obscene language.

Testimony of Healing
About sixteen years ago I was obliged to turn from...
September 15, 1923

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