Christian Science is a religion, and its ultimate purpose...


Christian Science is a religion, and its ultimate purpose is to heal men of sin as well as sickness, inharmony, unhappiness, poverty, and kindred ills. Its divine mission is to establish the kingdom of heaven in human consciousness by showing men, as did Jesus the Christ, that God is always present, willing and able to heal and save. Mrs. Eddy based her system, not on human philosophies, but entirely and only on the truths she found in the sacred Scriptures. Christian Science is revealed religion and not a system of therapeutics dependent on the uncertainties of the so-called human mind.

Mrs. Eddy did not invent Christian Science, she discovered it. The power of God to heal is indeed no new thing. The ancients, from Abraham on, perceived and availed themselves of it. David says of the Almighty in the one hundred and third psalm, "Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases." Early Christians, long after the time of Jesus, healed through availing prayer. Luther, Wesley, Calvin, and many other Christians recognized God as the great Physician. Christian Scientists today, to the degree of their understanding and consecration, are following the command of our Saviour to heal the sick.

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