The Lectures

Hull, England (First Church).—Introducing Judge Samuel W. Greene, a Christian Science lecturer, to his audience, Edwin A. Robinson made the following remarks:—

To the superficial observer of the present times, the last thing one would expect to find amongst men to-day is a search for an authority that shall be supreme in thought and life. This is the day of the spirit of inquiry, and that spirit has gone on from boldness to aggressiveness until mankind has become used to seeing one well-established belief after another challenged and overthrown and its authority destroyed. Yet, looking beneath the surface, one finds that men are seeking for the authoritative, but not along the old lines. The authoritative to-day is that which, first of all, is certain because it is practical and provable. Men are not asking of a teaching, Is it ancient? Has it weighty opinion behind it? so much as they are asking, Does it work? Is it based upon demonstrable law? Now Christian Science is winning the devotion and loyalty of hundreds of thousands to-day because it is meeting just these demands. Through the understanding of its teachings men are being made better morally and physically, and fear and despair are being taken out of their lives. More than that, Christian Science is revealing itself as based upon law, and therefore is giving men an understanding of what is scientific certainty.

In my own case, when Christian Science was first brought to my notice, I was one for whom so-called orthodox religious beliefs had lost their authority. The teachings of Christian Science appealed to me as being very logical, and the quiet certainty and firmness of the Christian Scientists I knew led me to inquire into it and to test it for myself; and I too found healing and deliverance from doubt and fear. This was over nineteen years ago; and since that time Christian Science has been my constant guide and my only physician.

July 14, 1923

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