I had been troubled for several years with stomach difficulty...

I had been troubled for several years with stomach difficulty, and had doctored for it all one winter with no benefit whatever; and it got to be chronic. I was working for a railroad company as locomotive engineer at the time and was dwelling over a drug store, my family being in another state. When these spells came on I would be obliged to stay in my room from three to five days at a time. I knew nothing at all about Christian Science; but the one who cared for my room placed some Christian Science Sentinels there, and I used to read them. I had laid aside the Bible as something I could not understand. When I read these Sentinels I thought they contained good logic, and I was always looking for the next one. One day when an attack came on, I stopped at the drug counter, got my regular prescription filled, and took it to the room. I was opening it when something said plainly to me, You don't need that medicine! I laid it down, and have never taken any material remedies since. I could not understand at the time why I was healed, but everything seemed so good. I seemed to be living in a new world, and was very happy.

I have had many beautiful healings since, especially from the tobacco and liquor habits; and to say I am grateful to our Leader would be to put it mildly indeed. Also, I am grateful to my teacher in Christian Science, as I have had class instruction. I am hoping this will do some weary wanderer some good.—Wallace Gould, Guffey, Colo.

July 14, 1923

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