I wish to express my gratitude to God and to Christian Science...

I wish to express my gratitude to God and to Christian Science for the great help I have had, both physically and mentally. For nearly twenty years I had suffered from several ailments, such as asthma (supposed to have been caused by defect of the heart), catarrh of the bowels, rheumatism, and calcination of the veins. Besides all this I had a deep and bitter grief. About seven years ago I had a fit of apoplexy; and after this I became paralyzed on one side and incapable of speaking. A doctor was immediately called for, and he said that the heart had almost ceased to beat. I was then given an injection of morphia and fell asleep for twenty-four hours. When I became conscious, and those around me again wished to send for the doctor, I wanted to surrender myself totally to the Lord. I had always been deeply religious, and had now ceased to believe in materia medica.

My relatives were terrified when they heard I wanted no doctor, so they started to discuss what had to be done. Then one of them proposed Christian Science; and though I knew very little about it at the time, I consented. A practitioner was called on the telephone, and very kindly promised to treat me. Soon after that I fell asleep; and when I woke up, a few hours later, I felt a wonderful peace and harmony, and all my pains were gone. My leg was still very much swollen and I could not move it, so I asked the practitioner to come to see me. The following day she came, and talked to me of God, good, and of His omnipresence and all-power. I learned to understand God as Love, and from my shoulders was lifted the heavy burden I had thought myself carrying, namely, others' sins and their fearful consequences. As all these worrying, bitter, painful thoughts disappeared, so did, at the same time, all ailments of many years' standing vanish. I could move the leg; the rupture of the veins (varicose veins) disappeared totally; and I laid aside all the bandages that I had worn for over forty years, which the doctors had strongly forbidden me to do.

I have, since the time of this healing, experienced good health, being now at the age of seventy; and, as I mentioned before, my heart is full of the deepest gratitude to God and to Christian Science for all the blessings that have come to me so abundantly. My sincere desire is to be able daily and hourly to show my gratitude in my life.—(Mrs.)Johanna Bondesson Adler, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Testimony of Healing
With a desire to express my gratitude for Christian Science...
July 14, 1923

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