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I wish to thank God, thank Him with all my heart, for...

I wish to thank God, thank Him with all my heart, for all the good I have received through Christian Science. In October, 1918, I suffered from an attack of the grippe, which was followed by a severe nervous breakdown. From the human point of view I was very ill indeed. However, everything now lies behind me like a bad dream. I only know that I had but one wish—to die—which tormented me greatly in the sleepless nights which I passed. Until the middle of July, I was being moved about in a wheel chair; and then the doctor prescribed a cure at some medicinal spring. Traveling proved a very painful performance for me: I had to be carried at the railway stations and into every train. I was away until the end of November; but my condition was improved only slightly, and soon I had to be wheeled about again. A reaction set in, and during the winter walking became more difficult for me every month.

At Easter, 1920, I heard of Christian Science for the first time. I was ready immediately to try it. Of course, I gave up the doctor. Until that time I had received electric treatment and many injections. On April 29 I had my first Christian Science treatment. To begin with there was no improvement, but soon there came the mental healing. It was wonderful how light and joyous of heart I became, just as if a great weight had been lifted off me. Then followed the physical healing. That Christian Science is true I could see in the fact that my physical healing progressed in proportion to my understanding of this Science. When I had read something which I understood well, I felt that I had made further progress, and was, accordingly, able to walk better. The healing came, quite contrary to the declarations of the doctor. There was almost daily improvement in the walking; and after June 9 the wheel chair became unnecessary. The healing, consequently, had been effected in barely six weeks, whereas I had been unable to walk for almost twenty-one months. To us and to our friends it seemed like a miracle, and they all greatly rejoiced with us. I was exceedingly happy, and cannot be too grateful for this healing.

Testimony of Healing
"The people that walked in darkness have seen a great...
June 2, 1923

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