Love's Universe

Many students of Christian Science have found that the contemplation of the ways of nature and of the seeming operation of law in the government of the so-called physical universe ofttimes brings vision and inspiration which may teach helpful lessons in overcoming some erroneous human condition. This has been the experience of one student who had suffered many things from a jealous, self-centered disposition, which had been considered inherent in temperament, and therefore as something that would have to be patiently endured. This condition became most apparent in connection with persons of whom she had become very fond. The mere thought of others' sharing their affections, that she alone was not singled out for their regard, would always bring her a keen sense of suffering.

After taking up the study of Christian Science, this trouble seemed to be greatly, aggravated, and became much more painful. The student, however, was beginning to think differently about the situation; and was learning that as it was neither an harmonious nor a beneficial mental condition, it did not proceed from the divine Mind, and therefore could be overcome. For some years after this, the student endeavored to overcome the difficulty by arguing with herself that such an attitude was unreasonable, and that, as it was not an expression of divine Love, it was a suggestion of error, which should be denied. These arguments checked the erroneous mental condition to a great extent; but a hard, constrained, and unnatural feeling seemed to remain in the consciousness of the student until, at length, she became convinced that this was not demonstration, and that the trouble had not been healed in Christian Science, but was only being restrained by the use of human will. This meant that a fuller measure of understanding must be gained, and a higher consciousness of reality demonstrated, before the nothingness of this old enemy could be clearly realized.

Fruitful Gratitude
June 2, 1923

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