Safety Zones

In several cities there has been established a system of safety zones, where pedestrians may wait in safety while automobile and other traffic rushes on. The zone is bounded in some instances by heavily painted stripes on the pavement, and in others by iron chains. According to law, all vehicles must stay outside these boundaries. Should a pedestrian step outside the safety zone, he forfeits the protection of the law, and may receive injury.

A dictionary defines "safety" as "exemption from injury; freedom from danger or risk;" and "zone" is defined as "that which engirdles, encircles, surrounds, shuts in on all sides, as with an impassable barrier; goes completely around." We appreciate these material provisions for our protection, but we find that we must look to a much higher source, if we are to receive really adequate protection, the kind promised us in the Bible. The world has done its best to protect mankind from disease, contagion, accident, theft, and crime of every sort, but one needs only to scan a daily newspaper to see that something is vitally wrong with human systems of protection.

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