I write this testimony with my heart filled with joy for...

I write this testimony with my heart filled with joy for the many blessings that Christian Science has brought to me and to our home, and trust it may benefit some who read it.

One night, while sleeping with our little boy, seven years of age, I was awakened by hearing him moaning and talking incoherently. On touching him, I found his head and body to be very warm, and his hands and fingers stiff and cold. I became somewhat alarmed, but tried to realize the truth that God is All, and repeated the "scientific statement of being," as given on page 468 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. I wanted to telephone a Christian Science practitioner, but as it was past midnight, I did not wish to disturb him; also my wife, not understanding Christian Science, had not consented to have help on previous occasions, so I decided to wait till morning. The child was then no better; and after reaching the office, I called up a practitioner. It was difficult for him to do effective work under the condition mentioned above, and the boy did not seem to improve much, but continued to toss about and moan night and day. His mother sat by his bed every night. She had not much faith in doctors, for three years previously another young son had passed on while under the care of a physician and trained nurse. As this boy did not seem to get better, I called her attention to the case of the other boy, and asked her if she would not consent to have help from a Christian Science practitioner. After a few minutes of apparent struggle she told me to have him come to the house at once. I went to the telephone and called him up, and he asked to talk with her. As she did not seem to understand Christian Science treatment, he thought she might have a physician to diagnose the case, which she herself favored doing. After the physician had called next day, my wife telephoned me what drugs to purchase. On my way home, I stopped at the practitioner's office, as I was feeling very much disturbed. Before leaving, he advised me to go home confident that my boy would get well. I felt the truth of his words, and arrived at the house with a smile. My wife did not use the remedies I had brought; and that night, while sitting by the child's bed, she noticed his breathing became easier, and he talked to her reasonably. She knew the change for the better had come. The second week he continued to improve. It is remarkable to note that he did not miss his grade but passed with his class, after an absence of six weeks.

Twilight Peace
June 2, 1923

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