"Speak the word only"

A big reservoir holding millions of cubic feet of water supplies a city. Hidden away in the mountains, this reservoir has been used to collect and keep for use this water for the needs of countless people. How, then, shall the water reach, at the right time and in the right way, those for whose use it is intended? Through certain rightly constructed, clean channels. Suppose a leak occurs in these. There is soon a lack of water. Unless the leak is stopped, there will be loss.

Lack! How often do we hear the words, "I have not the time to do it," or "I have not the money to do it"! But if lack cannot occur without a leak, where is the leak? Is the wrong expenditure of words one of the leaks through which can result lack of work, lack of health, time, or money,—lack of any kind, unhappily bringing loss? For, if we are using words wrongly, we may be sure there will be a breakaway somewhere. Just how, then, are we using words?

April 21, 1923

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