The True Leaving

THERE is brief sentence on page 182 of our textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, which when read and pondered never fails to make our problem seem simpler and our advancement in the truth more rapid. It is, "The demands of God appeal to thought only." This statement has been a help to me many times; but recently it threw such light on a citation from Science and Health, given in a Lesson-Sermon, that I have desired to share it. The passage referred to is this (p. 192): "We are Christian Scientists, only as we quit our reliance upon that which is false and grasp the true. We are not Christian Scientists until we leave all for Christ." The latter part of the citation, "We are not Christian Scientists until we leave all for Christ," especially interested me.

A woman had come to my home, not long before, selling religious literature. I had told her I was not interested, but she was very insistent, finally asking my reason for refusing to buy. I replied that I was a student of Christian Science and was entirely satisfied with its true and beautiful teaching. She stated emphatically that she could never believe in Christian Science, her reason being that she believed Christian Scientists were worldly. She then asked me if I had left all for Christ. I answered that I knew I had not but that I was earnestly striving daily to be better in every way. She said she had already left all for Christ; and to her that decided the point that Christian Science was inferior as a religion.

March 31, 1923

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