Our Periodicals and Their Distribution

If one would impress others with the value of a thing, he himself must first be thoroughly convinced of its intrinsic merit. A salesman's prerequisite to success is his confidence in that which he offers for sale. It is thus with Christian Science. Mrs. Eddy, after the discovery which led to her own healing, did not hesitate to test its efficacy in the broadest possible way. This convinced her that her healing was due to the operation of law; that her discovery was, therefore, not an inexplicable phenomenon; and that there existed a fixed Principle universally available and susceptible of explanation and proof.

In placing Christian Science before the world, our Leader was careful that mankind should not gain the impression that it was cheap and inconsequential. It is true that in the beginning of her own practice of divine, metaphysical healing, she not only made no charge for her services, but frequently shared her own slender finances with those whom she healed. However, experience soon taught her that with Christian Science as with everything else, the human standard of value is money or its equivalent of effort. Mortals value little that which costs them little, and prize most that for which they must sacrifice money, time, and effort. Mrs. Eddy placed a not insignificant value upon her healing and teaching services. Our beloved Leader carried out this thought of value throughout the whole outward manifestation of her health-giving and sin-destroying discovery. In writing and publishing our textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," in establishing and building The Mother Church and the Publishing House, in founding and sending forth the Christian Science periodicals,—in fact, in everything she did as the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science,—Mrs. Eddy spared neither thought, energy, nor money. She held the highest sense of the value of her discovery for all mankind.

March 24, 1923

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