I truly desire to express my appreciation of what Christian Science...

I truly desire to express my appreciation of what Christian Science has done for me and for my family. Some years ago a little niece who was partially deaf came to live with me. Her mother had had ear trouble all her life; and I was very desirous of having the child healed in Christian Science. I was very young in Science then, but I worked mentally every day for five months, knowing she was God's perfect child, an immortal idea of divine Mind. One evening I read in the Sentinel the testimony of a lady, who said this thought came to her while working for her son who had met with a serious accident and was suffering greatly: "Nothing can harm God's 'spiritual thoughts and representatives of Life, Truth, and Love' (Science and Health, p. 582)." Her son was healed instantly. I applied this to the little niece, and she was completely healed. I truly was grateful for this healing.

I have had many beautiful healings. At the time of a flood, our house was in the deepest and swiftest water. There were three of us in the house; and there was no fear. I worked in Science continuously; and I had the assurance of divine protection. Five months later my boy was born; and in this experience I was grateful for the understanding I had of Christian Science. I took care of him the first night, and had all the care of him after the second day. He has never tasted medicine, and is a healthy, normal boy of eight and a half years. Just recently, I stepped on a nail, which ran into my foot at least an inch. I pulled it out, and declared the truth. I went about my work all day as usual. In the night I awoke with great pain; but after working in Science an hour or more, I went to sleep. The next morning I went about my work as usual, and walked several miles. My foot gave me no more trouble.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express my gratitude for the many blessings...
March 24, 1923

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