God is Unchangeable Principle

To a world of apparent change and decay, what a glorious revelation is the fact of the unchangeable nature of God! All that the human eye perceives, all that the so-called human mind believes itself to be cognizant of,—all alike pass away; but God, the divine Principle of the universe, abides forever. The civilized world gets into a flutter when the remains of one of its kings, who lived and passed away some three thousand years ago, are unearthed, and gazes in almost awestruck amazement upon the material forms which have for so long resisted the routine processes of decay; but well the world knows that the decay has only been temporarily arrested, for there can be no indefinite permanency to any form of matter. Ultimately, the best that men can do to preserve the past is to chronicle its historical facts, and hand them on to the very uncertain keeping of their human kind. But—"the Lord God omnipotent reigneth"!

To human sense it is a miracle that through Christian Science God has been definitely revealed. The so-called physical senses tell only of the phenomenal, deal only with the passing phases of material belief. How, then, has the revelation of God been made to men? Through spiritual sense. It is spiritual sense alone which has brought to light all the knowledge possessed by mankind,—spiritual sense which perceives and understands Truth, entirely apart from the so-called material senses. And this real sense has revealed God as unchanging Principle. Since God is unchangeable Principle, His creation is likewise unchangeable; hence Mrs. Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, could write in "Unity of Good" (p. 61), "The divine Principle and Spirit and spiritual man are unchangeable,—neither advancing, retreating, nor halting."

Among the Churches
March 24, 1923

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