"To him that overcometh"

The book of Revelation begins with a message from "John to the seven churches which are in Asia," and closes with a vision of the holy city. In connection with this message very definite and wonderful promises are made "to him that overcometh." The Apocalypse, from beginning to end, deals with the thought of bringing together—congregating—right ideas, for the purpose of overcoming and blotting out wrong concepts; and the conflict between the forces of good and evil is termed, therein, the Armageddon. This conflict, as portrayed by John, is to be carried on by the churches; and the promises are made "to him that overcometh."

The term congregation may be defined as that which has come together into one mass or whole. When we refer to "the church" we have in thought all churches, and think of them as one mass or whole; that is, we congregate them. Each separate church is made up of individuals, and has its specific function; therefore, it will remain until the purpose for which it was organized has been fully accomplished. The Apocalypse, being revealed theology, contains only that which is to be understood by revelation; that is, by those who have "ears to hear." On this plane of experience, it is imperative that revelation coincide with divine reason; otherwise, theology would be speculative, instead of Christianly scientific.

March 3, 1923

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