In the summer of 1920 my son, fifteen years old, cut a...

In the summer of 1920 my son, fifteen years old, cut a gash on the top of his right hand, severing the cords of his first two fingers and causing them to drop forward, useless. We were at that time in the mountains, forty-eight miles from our home. An automobile was obtained from a near-by camp, and we drove eleven miles to a small town, where we found a doctor who examined the wound. He said he would tie the cords together if possible, but expressed doubt and anxiety as to the outcome. He said it would be months before the boy could use his hand, and that his fingers thereafter would always be stiff. I called a Christian Science practitioner over the long-distance telephone, and explained the situation to her. She immediately began absent treatment; and in less than three weeks my son could move his fingers. He had a brace and bandage on his hand, but wanted this removed because it interfered with his playing ball with the boys. He experienced a slight stiffness at first, but this wore away; and he has never had the least trouble with his fingers. The doctor was astonished and delighted with the healing; but we knew it was the power of Truth, as taught in Christian Science, that protected and healed my son. We are indeed grateful for this wonderful proof of God's loving care.—(Mrs.) Hazel Malarkey, Beaverton, Ore.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science has brought so much comfort and joy to...
March 3, 1923

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