From the Directors

The published writings of Mrs. Eddy contain that which she desired to give to the world from her pen. Her printed words, chosen with care and grouped with exactness, express her precise meaning and present a complete elucidation of Christian Science. She left no writings which are to be published at some future date. She left nothing unfinished in her exposition of this Science of Mind, which, when applied as she directs, heals the sick and reforms the sinner. Her personal correspondence was large, and was addressed to many individuals covering a wide range of subjects, but she expressly desired that her published writings alone should be taken as her voice to the world.

Mrs. Eddy saw that anything she had not written for publication or that might be circulated in manuscript form was open to adulteration and misapplication. Respecting her wishes in this regard, hundreds of her correspondents have sent in their cherished letters to be permanently filed in the vaults of The Mother Church, where they will be protected and preserved. The field at large also can honor her wishes by refusing to accept any papers which purport to be from her pen, but which are open to doubt.

March 3, 1923

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