I take this opportunity to add my tribute of appreciation...

I take this opportunity to add my tribute of appreciation to the already countless numbers of those who have benefited by the health-giving truth, as taught in Christian Science. I did not study Christian Science because of any physical ailment, but simply because the beauty of the English in which the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, is written, appealed to me. Christian Science demanded that I give up something which I thought gave me great pleasure. I had yet to learn that sin does not give real pleasure. I gave up reading the book; but the grain of Truth was planted deep, and Christian Science continued to appeal to me. I could see its possibilities, but did not want to strive and work for spiritual good.

The following experience, however, taught me many valuable lessons, especially to trust God for guidance in my daily life. I had been working in a certain city, and had again been devoting considerable time to the study of Mrs. Eddy's writings. The uplifting, purifying process which this study brought about in my thoughts and life aroused the forces of the carnal mind to battle for supremacy; and error attacked me in my weakest part. Time and again I had to lean heavily on divine Love for my daily bread. I now got a glimpse of what it must have cost Mrs. Eddy to reveal Christian Science to the world. Conditions became so discordant that I fled to another city, thinking because of its larger size to find more suitable work and congenial surroundings. I sought help from a Christian Science practitioner, who lovingly gave me treatment for several days; and then I told her I could handle the problem myself. For two weeks I tried to find suitable employment, but without success. Then I came to the conclusion that if Christian Science was what I believed it to be, if God meant anything to me, if He was all-presence, all-power, as I firmly believed, I was able through my understanding to find work in one place just as well as in another. I took the train back to the city whence I had come, a distance of nearly five hundred miles, all the way praying for divine guidance and supply. I arrived at noon on Friday, and told one friend my reason for returning,—my plan to trust God. Monday morning, this friend telephoned me, offering a position with a firm in a business in which I had no experience. I accepted this, knowing that God was guiding my way. Within a month I was transferred to another city, and given a responsible position with the same firm.

Testimony of Healing
I am grateful that Christian Science teaches us how to...
March 3, 1923

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