The Joy of Recovery

A Jewel of worth and beauty, perhaps a gift from some dear friend, has been mislaid. Perturbation follows; then a fear that some hand may have taken it unlawfully. Search begins; and though we affirm that nothing in God's universe can ever be lost, we at last accept a sort of halfhearted belief that our gem has disappeared beyond recovery! Regrets may follow this unseemly surrender to error. Possibly, too, we may have ceased to affirm the truth as we did at first, and have chosen to accept the testimony of the senses as the world about us is doing and has done since time began.

Weeks later, and while dusting a remote corner in an unused room, we glance down and see a glittering spark, a tiny glimmer of light. Can it be our lost treasure? We stoop to see. Yes; there it is, unharmed and as lustrous as ever; and how pleased we are! And all this because of a mere speck of earth, which men call a diamond!

The Chosen People
December 29, 1923

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