Branch Church Membership

Probably there are few, if any, Christian Scientists who unite with a branch Church of Christ, Scientist, who do not approach such membership with great expectation of good to be gained therefrom. They have been healed of disease through the gentle ministration of Christian Science; they have seen discord dissolved into its native nothingness; they have had a sense of lack replaced by an evidence of God's plenty; in various ways they have had proof that this new-old truth stands for all that is harmonious and right, for all that is true and loving. They therefore desire to unite themselves with the church which stands for such exemplification of the healing power of the Christ.

From all this they may have concluded that henceforth their lives and their experiences—especially so far as association with those of like faith is concerned—will never express anything but that which is heavenly in nature and activity. Perhaps they have come to believe that the uniting with a Christian Science church will be the beginning of a blissful experience wherein they will walk forward with the other members in complete agreement on all questions. Indeed, they would probably cry out in amazement were any one to suggest that any sense of disagreement can occur among a body of Christian Scientists.

December 29, 1923

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