Rejoice , praise God, be glad! is the tenor of the Word, the clear message which the spiritually alert, those whose garments are being washed pure through suffering and understanding, catch in its powerful import. Many a Christian Science practitioner has witnessed the startled look in the tearful countenance of the weary and heavy-laden ones who have sought refuge from the pains and pleasures of sense and fain would be made whole in Christian Science, when told that they must rejoice.

To be told to rejoice when one's whole heart seems breaking, may seem, as it falls upon the ear of the sufferer, to be absurd—yea, even mockery. How can one rejoice when the whole world seems pressing in on every side, and there seems to the frightened, suffering sense but a faint hope that a ray of light will ever be seen again? As human reason arrays itself against the spiritual demand, "Rejoice, and be exceeding glad," the ready argument of mortal mind presents itself: Surely one can "rejoice, and be exceeding glad" if and after one is healed.

"Count not time by years"
December 29, 1923

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