I deem it a privilege, as well as a duty, to testify to...

I deem it a privilege, as well as a duty, to testify to many healings received through Christian Science. In our home we have had many proofs of God's healing power; and I desire to express my gratitude for the great blessings which have come to us through the study of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," by our revered Leader, Mary Baker Eddy. The study of this book has given me a clearer concept of God and man, a better understanding of Christ Jesus and his mission; and it has enabled me to gain a little, at least, of that understanding which destroys doubt and fear, and brings peace and rest and health.

Some eight years ago, while assisting a friend with his automobile, my right hand became caught in the mechanism, severing the top of the third finger. My wife, who is also a Christian Scientist, was with me at the time, and I immediately asked her to help me; and she accompanied me to the office of a surgeon, where the wound was properly cleansed and dressed. The surgeon told me that it would be necessary to have the finger amputated at the first joint; and he feared septic poisoning unless this was done. I explained to him that I was a Christian Scientist, and should rely on Christian Science for healing; and the next morning I asked for help from one whom I knew to be a loyal Christian Science practitioner. In a few weeks' time the healing was complete, the flesh having grown over the protruding bone in such a way as to give the finger almost its normal appearance. During this time, I was able to attend to my business as usual; and, through the loving ministrations of Christian Science, was spared a disfigured hand, which amputation would have caused.

Testimony of Healing
With deep gratitude toward God I testify herewith to...
July 15, 1922

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