The Love of God

The writer has often been greatly impressed by seeing the untiring, unselfish love of a mother for her child—that mother-love which tries so earnestly to guide and protect her children. Then the writer has paused to realize how this love may open one's thought to the love of God. The mother holds her child tight in her arms; but closer still does God hold His children, perfect in His inexhaustible love. In the book of Acts we read, "In him we live, and move, and have our being;" and, because God is Love, the real man must, therefore, live and act in the realm of Love, and be conscious only of its presence; for evil can never be present where Love is.

Every one knows how the tiny chick is snuggled into its little shell, and how impossible it would be for it to be hurt or even touched unless the shell, which surrounds and protects it, were first destroyed. As completely as the chick is surrounded by the shell, just so completely, but infinitely more securely, are God's children contained in and protected by divine Love; and no evil can touch them. A human mother would not let her child be sick, unhappy, or in need of anything which she could supply; and, yet, it is believed by many that God permits all these things to happen to His children. Surely, such a conclusion should be seen as most unreasonable. In Romans we are told that nothing can separate man from the love of God; and, since this is true, we cannot be deprived of the health, wealth, wisdom, freedom, and joy which are in and of God. There is never a time when man cannot rejoice in God's loving care; for God has given His children "richly all things to enjoy." Christian Science emphasizes this beautiful message by giving us many more good reasons why we may fearlessly enjoy existence; and, perhaps, none is more convincing than that to be found in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy (p. 228), where she says: "There is no power apart from God." God made everything that was made; and He made it good; therefore, good only can come to His children. Love never created aught that could harm an idea of its creation. There is nothing to fear, since Love is ever present, and there is therefore in reality no other presence or power. God knows man as He created him, perfect, happy, harmonious; and in Truth man knows himself only as God knows him.

July 15, 1922

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